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Validation of Mentoring project selected as a good practice

We are happy to announce that our Thematic action project "Development of a validation framework for mentoring:evaluating the achievements of disabled and disadvantaged people" has been selected as good practice in the frame of the European thematic network QALLL – Quality Assurance in lifelong learning.

Nomination for MCA for the 2012 E-Inclusion Awards.

Marie Curie Association has been identified as a great example that could participate in the 2012 e-Inclusion Awards. We will be competing for “I am Part of IT” award .
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1st Pan-European VERITAS User Forum and Workshop to take place on 29-30 November 2010 in Prague

Designer and developers, as well as people with disabilities and older people that will be the main users and beneficiaries of the VERITAS system, are invited to register for our forthcoming Pan-European User Forum on 29 November 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic. Members of the User Forum will in future also have the opportunity to apply for participation in testing of VERITAS services, and will be able to participate in project conferences at a reduced fee.

To participate, please contact the staff of MCA via : veritas@marie-curie-bg.org More / Повече...

VERITAS kick-off meeting

MCA participated in the first VERITAS meeting, hosted by the Coordinator – FhG/IAO Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institute – in Stuttgart (Germany) on 11-12 January 2010.
VERITAS aims at developing, validating and assessing an open framework for built-in accessibility at all stages of ICT and non-ICT product development. The goal is to introduce simulation-based and virtual reality testing at all stages of product design and development into the automotive, smart living spaces, workplaces, infotainment and personal healthcare applications areas. This is intended to ensure that future products and services will be systematically designed for all people, including older people and people with disabilities and functional limitations.

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