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* Forming positive attitude towards people with disabilities and disadvantaged people and encouragement of the social engagement of employers, policy makers and other public bodies by regularly held PR campaigns, seminars, workshops, round tables and conferences;
* Access to education and training for young people with disabilities and disadvantaged through development of flexible programmes and materials for vocational training, adjusted to their specific needs;
* Formation of new opportunities for employment of people with disabilities and disadvantaged people by provision of life-long training in accordance with business requirements and the newest conceptions for human resource development in European plan;
* Provision of support for re-employment of elderly people by their inclusion in prequalification programmes and involvement in mentoring schemes for elderly people.
* Rising the quality of services for people with disabilities and disadvantaged people by development of innovative instruments and models for quality management, targeted to professionals working with the above-mentioned groups;
* Active work on the unification of European and national standards for informal and non-formal training as well as development of validation frameworks for recognition of knowledge and skills, acquired through vocational education and training (VET);
* Development of transnational projects incorporating the European Union policy for knowledge based economy;
* Cooperation with NGOs, vocational training organizations, universities, and other institutions on regional, national and international level with activities and aims, similar to ours.

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